Wrestling With Light & Dark

Wrestling With Light & Dark

Nichole Meza and Mark Reese

May 8th - 30, 2015

Two local artists, Nichole Meza and Mark Reese, wrestle with light and dark in their exhibit exploring the demons within ourselves and others.

Nichole Meza

Vintage movies, creatures, and interesting spaces were early influences and provided a fascination in art for Nichole Meza. A continuing enthusiasm in baffling people with ambiguous spaces was a lifelong motivation to her entry into the art world. Isolating highlights from recognizable objects in an effort to visually puzzle the viewer, is a persistent theme in this artist’s work. Greek mythological figures, objects and animals from the natural world, as well as people were inspiration for these pieces.

During her undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas in Denton, she concentrated on painting and weaving and linked these two art forms together. Manipulating traditional techniques of embroidery to create a marriage between oil painting and textile art is the foundation for Meza’s work. Allowing the thread and paint to become interchangeable on the canvas peaks the curiosity of the viewer, which is the artist’s intent.

Mark Reese

Mark Reese had trouble expressing himself after a traumatic, sheltered childhood in Fort Worth, Texas. With a flair for drawing and his mother’s encouragement, he started painting in high school. Creating fine art quickly became his sanctuary and he never looked back. Mark’s gothic style, honed from his tilted view of the world, captures great joy and heartfelt sorrow. Many of his works evoke strong, polarizing emotions; oftentimes, viewers recognize themselves within his paintings. Although some of his works may seem dark, they’re often viewed as being therapeutic for the soul and leave a strong impression.