Wood, Clay and Rubble

Wood, Clay and Rubble

Amy Hatley

June 3 - 29, 2016

Reception: June 3, 2016; 6 - 9pm

As an artist, and in life I have a strong sense of the power of providence. This allows me to work intuitively, trusting that what is needful will come forward, and embracing the fact that control albeit helpful is not always necessary. In this body of work I have explored both the use of found objects and ready-made objects, in combination with ceramic pieces, and played with the use of watercolor on bisque ware.

In my search for “found” objects I was reminded of the fact that items once prized, are often tossed out. Things once treasured, are now rubble, even though I benefit greatly from this phenomenon as a found object artist, it seems sad. Letters, photos, the tangible content of a person’s life, in boxes, on the curb. I worked to combine a portion of these objects beyond their practical use, to restore some of their functionality, as a sort of quiet remembrance of their former owners.

These sculptural caricatures, always imagined and most often exaggerated, hopefully reflect the whimsical, quirkiness and overall melancholy nature of life. -- Amy Hatley