What Is To Give Light Must Endure Burning

Works by Casey Leone

November 13-December 12, 2020

Vista Gallery

What is to give light must endure burning

At the heart of Casey Leone’s artistic method, using gestures both constructive and deconstructive, is a drive to seek out and explore narratives oftentimes buried within the seemingly familiar. An artistic departure for the artist, this project seeks to push the limitations of discreet art objects by taking on the spaces around them. Within interventions both proposed and actual, Leone transitions away from the two dimensional by transforming historic cultural centers of thought, production, and display into what can be likened to voids in space, or rather lenses through which the institution endures scrutiny. In so doing, Leone beckons viewers to consider how these spaces perform as stages for the viewing and judgement of cultural production while questioning such places’ role as purveyors of greater enlightenment. This line of investigation is all the more timely given such spaces’ ongoing transformations to cope with and adjust to the challenges and growing needs that face them today.

-Rafael Barrientos Martinez

Casey Leone, Untitled (Casa Luis Barragan, Mexico City, Mexico)