Webb Gallery Presents

Webb Gallery Presents: Anthony Dominguez, Ike Morgan, Bruce Lee Webb

Anthony Dominguez was a native of Fort Worth, Texas. In his early teenage years, he was a sign painter and later, his commercial background influenced his straight-line quality and bold style of his paintings. Anthony used symbols and words in his artwork to communicate his view of society, its ironies, and black humor.

Anthony Dominguez, Untitled (bird Brain), 25" x 52", Wite-Out on black fabric

Born in 1958, Morgan was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia and hospitalized at the Austin State Hospital from 1977 until 2000. Ike has spent the past 40 years working incessantly on hauntingly vibrant paintings and drawings and is especially fond of painting portraits, specifically presidential portraits modeled from dollar bills. The isolation that the hospital provided from the outside world allowed Ike to create uninhibited without the concerns and restraints of society with only the drive of his own pure artistic endeavors.

Morgan was invited to paint the portraiture of George W. Bush by Newsweek Magazine for their digital edition. Morgan’s work is included in major art collections across the world, including the ABCD collection, the Blanton Museum at the University of Texas in Austin, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Ike Morgan, Clint Eastwood

Bruce Lee Webb’s grandparents were missionaries in remote hill stations in the mountains of Kerala, South India during the 1930s and 40s, where his mother was born. The esoteric books and folk art from the sub-continent he grew up with had a pervasive influence on Webb’s art. In 1991, Webb and his wife opened Webb Gallery exhibiting artworks and unusual antiques. The artists he has encountered along the way have had a profound influence on his own oeuvre, as does his collection of antiquarian books and printed material with folk art, railroad hobo lore, train car graffiti, the study of the occult, and fraternal history.

Bruce Lee Webb, A Bird To Sing and A Man Flys