Ways of Seeing: Psychologists Create 4

Ways of Seeing: Psychologists Create 4

October 3-26, 2014

Art-viewing and art-making help us to see the world differently, as well as to see ourselves with new eyes. In this way, we move toward deeper compassion and wiser lives.

Psychology is both art and science in practice. With this exhibit of art and photography made by psychologists, Fort Worth Area Psychological Association celebrates creativity in the human spirit. As practitioners we encourage creativity in living, whether problem-solving or meeting challenges, maintaining relationships or changing a community.

We believe creativity is available to all, and is fundamental to wellness and life satisfaction. Creativity is a strength that can be increased with persistence and hope. We encourage art-making for the joy of self-expression and the potential of healing.

By sharing the unique perspectives offered by these individual artists, we hope to communicate the value of deep attention to life and its wonders.