Vision in Verve: In Theory

"In Theory"

Vision in Verve Art Collective

Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery

TranSystem Corporation Gallery

December 18, 2020-January 16, 2021

"In Theory" - an art show without art, just ideas. We're all full of ideas, artist or not, and one of the greatest ways to make them come to life is to put them out into the world and ask for help. You never know who has the other half of an idea, or the resources to make it happen. With this exhibit we want to create an environment for everyone to share their ideas and offer others to reach out and collaborate on making them happen.

They could be grandiose ideas of your most ambitious project that you need help with, or a silly little idea you think should just exist in the world. They could be an elaborate creation written across multiple pages with detailed sketches, or they could be a fun thought you had scribbled on a sticky note. All ideas are welcomed. We hope you'll add your own ideas to this exhibit, and if you'd like to make it happen, please include your contact info so someone can help bring your idea to life."

Collective Bio:

"Vision & Verve is a film & photo production company that creates commercial work in order to fund creative & community projects. We're a small team of artists that work to empower the ideas, creativity, and ambitions of others."