Unedited Perspectives

Unedited Perspectives

Dahlia Horne, Ismail Shittu, Charles Gray

June 3 - 29, 2016

Reception: Friday, June 3, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Artist: Dahlia Horne

Throughout my life, painting has been an outlet for me while facing a lot of tough life experiences. I've chosen to capture these moments by using various Shapes, lines, patterns, and colors. Creating these abstract pieces have allowed me to find peace and have opened up a different perspective and direction for me creatively.

Artist: Ismail Shittu

Since I graduated college my perspective on life has changed, as well as my art. This exhibit is a documentation of this ongoing journey. Each piece conveys the feelings/ state of mind I was in through printmaking, ceramics and paintings by incorporating themes from pop culture, bones, dinosaurs, kids and youth.

Artist Name: Charles Gray

The cultural perspective prescribed to me on a daily basis is one of an athlete or bouncer. This assumption has led me to create my own history. As a person coming from a lower economical level, there is a desire to depict myself, family and friends as royalty. My work displayed in this exhibit is a direct response to those economic and cultural differences.