Tying It All Together

Tying It All Together

January 8, 2010 – February 20, 2010

Sculptures by New Mexico artist Sam Peters.

A few thoughts about my work

I want my forms to crawl, dance, spin and spill all over the wall

I see them as elegant tethered shapes floating in boundless space

A bit like a dancing Shiva


I like to think of these forms as having “tumbled into existence.”

Gesture is critical and represents a cosmic dance while the forms themselves -their inner structure turn around on a center, thus creating vortices, convergences, explosions, implosions and kaleidoscopes.

I consider these compositions as complex drawings which rely on obsessive practices, expressionist passages, personal cosmologies and iconographies.

Much of my work alludes to places, beings, and events that exist beneath the surface of things.

These directly and obliquely address possible relationships between the exterior, material world and the interior, sensing self.

These three-dimensional forms allow me to use the collage medium freely. Collage relates well to my working process as it exactly parallels my conceptional approach to creating art - a layering of impressions.

The actual physical process of constructing these works is very appealing to me in that I tie the various elements together with string, thus lending the piece a primitive quality.

My pieces are very much like maps, especially the three-dimensional variety, although I have no desire to make any references to actual locations.

The content of my work sums up what I have seen, perceived, experienced and absorbed in the past 70 years.

My wish, which I share with all artists, is that these pieces encapsulate a vision never before seen.

– Sam Peters