Twelve Houses

Twelve Houses

Presented by the School of Architecture at UT Arlington and AIA Fort Worth

June 3 - 29, 2016

Reception: June 3, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Twelve Houses is an exhibit of selected built residences designed by the alumni and faculty of the School of Architecture at UT Arlington. Curated by UTA Professor of Architecture Todd Hamilton, these houses reflect some of the most inventive residential design by our graduates and colleagues over the past forty plus years. The design work of all students and faculty responds to the particular circumstances of the site, client expectations, and budgets. The selection was not an easy process, and no doubt dozens more wonderful houses could have been part of this exhibit. The 12 selected houses are products of the private intense collaboration and conversations between an architect and his/ her clients. For many people, the design and building of a house is life’s biggest investment. It is the opportunity to fulfill a dream, and it becomes the task of the architect to manifest those dreams into bricks and mortar.

This exhibit focuses on those faculty and alumni who spent their nascent years at the UT Arlington School of Architecture and whose ideas have matured over time. You will see each of the 12 houses is a unique response to their circumstances. Several of the houses occupy city lots while others are buried in dense woods or perched on rolling topography. There is no shared visual signature nor common architectural moves, simply the expressions of each architect’s unique talents and skills, honed at UTA.

Featured architects include Susan Appleton, Laura Baggett, Edward Baum, Bill Boswell, Hoang Dang, David Jones, Michael Malone, Lionel Morrison, Andrew Nance, Thad Reeves, Norman Ward, David Jay Weiner and Cliff Welch.

Peter Waldman, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia, reviewed the designs and penned the introduction in the exhibit program.

Images: Cedar-Hill-0028.jpeg (Architect: Norman Ward, AIA; Photographer: Charles David Smith, AIA)

CraigKuhner2013-130406 sm.jpg (Architect: David Jones, AIA; Photographer: Craig Kuhner)

Mark_Menjivan_Laman_FULL-3sm.jpg (Architect: Andrew Nance, AIA, and Thad Reeves, AIA;

Photographer: Mark Menjivar)

Cliff_Welch03Asm.jpg (Architect and Photographer: Cliff Welch, AIA)