Travesuras de Cobian

Travesuras de Cobian

Paulino Cobian

May 6 - 30, 2016

Reception: May 6, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Paulino Cobian was born in a small town called Los Gonzalez, Jalisco, Mexico, He moved at an early age to another town called Chane, Jalisco, Mexico. This town is where the artist spent his early years and where he started painting and joinery, it took 23 years before he had the experience and education needed to show his paintings publicly. Paulino Cobian has worked for more than 21 years as an artist, dedicating himself full time to his art. The artist attended modern art school in Miami, Florida. Subsequently, he worked as a cartoonist for three years before studying mono-prints and ceramics.

Paulino Cobian has around 300 mono-print drawings, some are oil paintings others are pencil and crayon color in acrylic. He also has a few in drawings in watercolors. Paulino Cobian has over 50,000 paintings in all different technical sizes and textures. The artist is proud of the fact that he owns more of his own work than any other current or past painter. He has spent a lot of his time with colorful drawings and the artist guarantees that you will not find any copies or repetitions. The artist also has about 318 ceramic masks and is working on 682 more to create a collection of 1000 ceramic masks.

The artist was to especially thank a wonderful friend of his, who has helped him in his career with insight into his work. She has helped the artist explain his art and the meaning of his drawings. She believes his drawings reflect deep expressions of human faces and their different expressions. Please note the drawings’ visions and strength through all the beautiful colors.

The artist’s paintings reflect his inner expressions of different faces that he sees in people, which is like the construction of a mask of their face with their expressions, their humor and/or the energy they have in them. The artist believes he is able to read and express the looks of the people he sees with a glance of an eye, and that is exactly what his paintings are all about; demonstrating the wisdom and humor of those who he sees in front of him. These people are his inspiration.

The artist loves the fact that kids and adults try to reflect themselves in his paintings. He loves the fact that they are being open with him by giving him their opinions and questions regarding his paintings.

Inspirations for his paintings come quickly, although there are special occasions when the artist wants to have a painting done for a special friend or family. In this case it takes more time because he wants the best. Paintings for the family members and friends usually take about a month and other paintings usually take a week.

Paulino Cobian is a very proud of his time in the artistic profession and is very content in with his chosen profession and it shows in his prolific work. He has completed more than 1000 paintings. It is the artist’s goal to break a painting record. Paulino Cobian also hopes that his paintings send a good message to all those kids that have dreams and the same energy toward painting that he has. Children have always inspired the artist to keep on going and not stop. The artist hopes one day to teach painting to young people so that they learn how to appreciate the art of painting and the spiritual meaning.

The artist also wants to advise to all those people, who have dreams, to never give up and do your best and always keep your head up.

Paulo wishes to thank everyone who took their time to read his introduction of his art and life. He is happy and very pleased to know that he could become someone special in someone else’s life, to be remembered for his art and his spirituality. He thanks God for the wonderful gift given to him.