Transformation Series

Transformation Series

May 1 – May 30, 2012

In this exhibition, Cynthia Medanich examines the symbolism of the butterfly to the human spirit, May 4-30, 2012.

Medanich’s paintings show contrast between the paintings in color and the paintings in black and white. The paintings in color with butterflies and shadows representing the natural order of the life cycle where as the black & white painting of a nuclear blast represents human mental illness or insanity. The quote of music lyric from a contemporary music artist in her art is used to illustrate the power of choice humans have in the directions of life can take.

The symbol of the butterfly has many interpretations. In Christian belief the butterfly life cycle represents life, death, and the resurrected life. In many cultures butterflies represent the best wishes for a long happy life. The dance of the butterfly can also mean not to take things so seriously. Medanich paints the butterfly as symbols of change to portray a story of transformation; a transformation that takes the human spirit from a dark place and leads into a happier life with the symbolism of the butterfly metamorphosis.

A butterfly appears to have light atop the surface of a painted canvas, poised and ready to flutter away. The delicate insects were attracted to the simple background of bright color. These delicate insects will take to the skies in a heartbeat to brave the elements of wind and rain. Just as the butterfly our human spirits can also soar. Medanich’s artwork is a positive force that brings feelings of hope and pleasure to all who see it.

“I admire the technique of “Trompe l’oeil”, as mural decoration that involves the realistic rendered of imagery to create the illusion of objects in three dimensions. I render my butterflies realistically. The diverse verity of shapes, patterns and colors displayed in the wings of these fragile creatures is contrasted against my abstractly painted flower color backdrop. The shadows are from another realm of time and space not directly connected to the world of the butterfly. I am encouraged through my paintings and offer encouragement to others through my work.” –C. Medanich

The exciting and innovative new idea about Medanich’s work is that each painting can stand alone or build one upon another as a collection that work together as a whole display. If you have a large wall for displaying art, Medanich’s small 8x10’s can be collected and grouped together in any pattern to reflect the personality of the individual who owns them. Like a puzzle when all the pieces are hanging together they create an entirely unique image.

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Reception for the exhibit is May 4, 6 - 9PM. The exhibit runs May 4 - 30, 2012.