Tignon (tēyôN) by Chesley Antoinette

Tignon (tēyôN) by Chesley Antoinette

April 5 – April 26, 2019

RECEPTION: Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

Tignon pronounce [tēyôN] is a French word that can mean cloth or handkerchief and is used to reference the headwraps of Creole women. The Tignon Exhibition is presented by Dallas based artist Chesley Antoinette, together through fashion photography and wearable sculptural turbans a historical period of the 18th century is explored through women of African descendant.

The Tignon Law was an edict of good government dictated by the Spanish government during the late 18th century in New Orleans, Louisiana that force women of African descendant to wear the tignon when in public. The focus was particularly on the free women of color population with the intention to oppress their beauty, intelligence, and mobility.

There is no record of individual women effected by the law, however there are women of record whose lives illustrate the characteristics of beauty, intelligence, and mobility while living in New Orleans during the 18th century.

Contemporary photography is explored referencing essays by varies scholars compiled in a book titled The Devil’s Lane: Race and Sex in the Early South, combined with historical paintings and drawings featuring women of African descendant wearing turban headwraps nationally and internationally during the 18th century.

In addition, the creativity of these women is represented in an installation through over 50 turban headwraps each different from the next explores rebellion through form, color, and texture along with ubiquitous objects.

The Tignon exhibition is intended to create dialogue around the ideas of liberty, private property and government policies that effect individual choices.

About the Artist

Chesley Antoinette is a native Texan who arrived in North Texas back in 2010, temporarily settling in Denton while working on her M.F.A at the University of North Texas and has been a part of the Dallas art community as an educator, entrepreneur, and artist since 2013; planting roots in Oak Cliff. She is the creator and designer of Cantoinette Studios, conceptualizing with sustainable practices in forms of sculptural installations, wearable art, and curatorial projects. Her current body of work explores 18th century North America through turban headwraps and shares the history in forms of art exhibitions and interactive educational workshops. Chesley remains being passionate towards supporting, sharing, and building the appreciation for the arts with both North Texas and all of humankind.