Through a Scope 2019

Through a Scope 2019

October 4 – October 23, 2019

RECEPTION: Friday, October 4, 2019 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is proud to partner with the Fort Worth Zoo to present “Through a Scope 2019”, an exhibition promoting the importance of all life on this planet. Through an array of mixed media, we intend to shed light on the delicate balance of the ecosystem by addressing the importance of all species that live within it. To further address these complexities, we are designing a comprehensive educational component for all ages. The goal of this exhibition is to bring awareness, open dialogue and knowledge sharing about the current issues around conservation. To accomplish this, we will hold a panel discussion with educators from The Fort Worth Zoo to blend the artistic mind with a scientific approach to the subject. Our hope is to inspire people to take positive steps towards the stewardship for our planet.


  • Best in show wins $500

  • Each piece displayed will be represented in Through a Scope 2019 exhibition catalog.


The mission of the Fort Worth Zoo is to strengthen the bond between humans and the environment by promoting responsible stewardship of wildlife and ensuring diverse, high-quality educational and entertaining family experiences through effective and efficient management of its resources.

The foundation of this mission statement is based on three cornerstone principles:

Conservation -

A commitment to affect positive change through the facilitation of conservation and sound scientific research.

Education -

A commitment to provide factual information to nurture an appreciation of and respect for wildlife and the environment.

Entertainment -

A commitment to excellence and to always exceed our guests’ expectations.