This is my Drawing, this is my home

Works by Kasey Short

January 22 - March 20, 2021

Central Gallery

Exhibition/Artist Statement

This project encompasses an immersive multi-media installation derived from ideas about nomadism and collecting objects in which are upcycled artworks now and for the future. I am interested to discover and further study abandoned artifacts that represent the American landscape in the west and what kinds of relationships we can connect with travelers, pioneers and family members from regions in and around Texas, its borders and within regions expanding to the North.

This is my Drawing, this is my home traces experiences growing up in West, Texas with connections of ideas based on social mobility, European studies and culture. In addition, this project includes expanded research that connects relationships with Native American ancestors and looking at aspects of our environment globally. At the age of eleven, one significant memory was moving from Lubbock Texas to Dallas Texas where I believe many of my ideas culminate from. I am interested in that time-based moment where science, art and technology merge.

Artist Bio

Kasey Short is an interdisciplinary artist whose time-based and interactive art reflects on issues of sustainability, mobility, and the environment. Kasey earned his BFA in Painting and Drawing from Texas State University (2010) and an MFA in Sculpture and Time-based Interactive Media from the University of Pennsylvania (2015). He has exhibited work nationally and internationally and has participated in residencies including ACRE Projects, AVL-Mundo Foundation as well as received the 2014 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship Award. Kasey is a Professor at the University of North Texas in CVAD’s New Media Department and is a 2021 Carter Community Artists at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Kasey is also currently a member of 500X Gallery in West Dallas.