The Up and Down Detective Agency

Neil Down is a detective in the bustling metropolis of 1938 Los Angeles. A beautiful dame with a missing sister hires Neil and his partner to find her. During the investigation, Neil's former FBI partner, along with the local police, accuse Neil of murder. How do some missing diamonds fit in to the mystery? It's a tour de force homage to the detective movies of the Forties.

Mike Byham is a seasoned playwright with many productions to his credit. He is returning to the theatre scene following a 20+ year hiatus (primarily spent as a soccer dad). Byham's plays have been produced in several states from California to Massachusetts and have won multiple awards. Notably, his play "Vistas" received many awards, including Best New Play at the Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance Competition in 1995. Byham and his wife Dawn are recent transplants to North Texas where works as an engineer for a major airline headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Byham is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

Reading: Thursday, April 16, 2020

7 p.m.: Question and Answer Session with the author at

7:30 p.m.: Reading begins

A special thank you to the entire cast from Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Drama Playhouse!


Art Decko/Ben Over: Brian Verdin

Paddy O Furniture: Jakie Cabe

Stan Up: Luiggi Espinel

Chuck Roast: Jeremiah Land

Jim Shoes: Kenneth Eberly

Mr. Flatfoot: Raul Gonzalez

Ralph Nobody: Jackson Davis

Neil Down: Gavin Harper

Case Worker: Mackenzie Longino

Rose Bush: Laren Lecocq

Barb Wire: Angelique Kimble

Mrs. Flatfoot: Anna Rheuark

Hardy Worker: Garrett Brannan

Narration/Stage Direction: Josh Hahlen