the smartness of everyone we know

the smartness of everyone we know

Britni Chehayeb

January 10 - 30, 2014

The goal of my most recent work has been to illuminate the processes by which we come to any conclusions or understandings regarding the spiritual or emotional (if they are in fact separate). I am dealing conceptually with the foundational ideas surrounding the existence of g-d (as referred to by the Bible), emotions, and places. My goals have been to retrace the steps by which I arrived at my understandings of these things. They began as tiny inklings of sense and conscious thought. At first, too underdeveloped to give much attention to, but still affect the mind and body as much as they ever will. Much like a young child, it is my understanding that the human spirit struggles to know the role of these concepts within the confines of themselves, much more the world. My work celebrates those struggles and does not condemn their immaturity or incomplete nature. We learn about ourselves just as we learn how to read or write. The works outline, recognize and endure what takes place before we spit out what we see or feel. My goals are to challenge the “rightness” and/or purity of these things.

Britni Chehayeb is graduate from the University of North Texas with a degree in Fine Art. Chehayeb is a member of the Texas Artist Coalition and a recent recipient of the Beth Lea Clardy Award. Her work was featured in Blow Up Gallery's (Dallas) New Frontiers exhibit and 500x (Dallas) Expo 2013. She is currently the Art Instructor at Merryhill School where she gets nearly every ounce of inspiration for her work and lives in Denton, Texas with her husband.

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