The Intricacies of the Heart and Its Chambers – The Collage Art of Hope Kroll

The Intricacies of the Heart and Its Chambers – The Collage Art of Hope Kroll

February 11 – February 28, 2011


Cecil Touchon, Director, The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction: Tel. 1 817 944 4000 Email


The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction presents an exhibition of works by California artist Hope Kroll on view at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in Fort Worth Texas during the month of February, 2011. This show is inspired by a collaboration with Cecil Touchon to create an exhibition contained in a small storage case. This plastic case is only 8x10x2 inches in size but contains some 50 tiny boxes which Kroll filled with art and objects and donated to the project: The Fluxcase Micro Museum. Also on view will be a number of Kroll’s intimate collage/assemblage works shipped in especially for this exhibition. The artist will be in attendance at the opening Friday, February 11th A full color catalog of the show will also be available from Ontological Museum Publications.

When contemplating the work of Hope Kroll a saying comes to mind by the Indian classical musician and Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan; The mind is the surface of the heart, and the heart is the depth of the mind. Kroll’s work explores the nature of the heart and mind in a way that is playful and yet insightful calling up tenderness as well as terror.

Kroll’s work tirelessly seeks out wisdom stories through the masterful arrangement of images from old encyclopedias, medical texts, children’s books, popular science, technical manuals, paper dolls and antique photographs. Her use of a 3-D technique gives her paper constructions a surprising presence. A fusion of poetic Surrealism and scientificparaphernalia , many of Kroll’s miniature works have intricately cut out illustrations all the way down to the individual hairs and blood vessels. The shear amount of time and attention Kroll spends in her elaborate cuttings and assemblings is worthy of attention in and of itself. She could well be called a paper surgeon. Kroll’s use of antique materials lends a palpable richness and feeling of historical continuity to her work that suggests an exploration of thecollective unconscious of humanity. As Kroll states: “Each piece becomes its own frozen drama or illustration for a story meant to reflect a visual manifestation of psychological, emotional or spiritual states.”

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