The Eleven

The Eleven

Libba Sandusky Davis

December 6 – 28, 2013

The Eleven is a multidimensional and collaborative art exhibit. Artist Libba Davis began to see vivid, recurring symbols in her dreams in 2012. While contemplating these symbols in meditation she was inspired to paint images, taking cues from what seemed to be an energetic language of light and love spoken to her while she painted. A new vision came to her as each prior painting was finished until there were eleven. All pieces of The Eleven are rendered in oil based media on canvas or wood.

During this time, Libba shared her experience and the images she painted with a trusted friend in Seattle, Keith Rowley. He heard music in the same way she received images to after another, waking him in the night, and as he finished editing one song, the next one came, until there were eleven. Another friend, Ron, meditated on each image and received words or messages and wrote these to go with the images. Finally, Raphael Dangmann, a physicist in France, was inspired to create energized "holograms" for each of The Eleven. The overall theme that was apparent to each contributor is that the world has come to a time of “We”, rather than “Me”.

This collaborative experience for the artist, musician, writer and physicist was one that was deeply touching, each feeling very much alive in the process, as though they were co-creating with beings of love from another dimension. Each felt deep joy and union while working with the symbols. They invite you to experience the powerful message of love that has been transmitted in The Eleven.

For more information, contact Libba Davis: or visit her website at for images of The Eleven.