The Alcala Heritage Celebration

The Alcala Heritage Celebration

Friday June 7, 2013 - Friday June 28, 2013

The Alcala Heritage Celebration has been created by the sons and daughters of the late Esteban Torres Alcala & Otila Enriquez Alcala. The idea for the Alcala Celebration came after their mother, Otila Enriquez Alcala, died in November 2011. The loss of the parents caused them to reflect about the Alcala family history & their many talents. This art show is a celebration of the talent that is embodied in this hard working Texan family that goes back to 1875. From this humble but proud beginning, a judge, numerous professors, technicians, film directors, graphic designers, fine painters, photographers & fashion designers have come. We have a large group of family members that are in the Arts, which also include performing arts and that is what is being brought forward! We feel proud to present these talented folks. The art displayed in this show represents many styles, treatments, and media.

Felix E.Alcala

I have always been interested in art and photography. My father was my inspiration. He was a photographer in the 40s and was always endeavoring to make beautiful images. He was not able to pursue it as a career and had to discontinue it to find ways to take care of his family. I however, have been successful with my photography I and owe it to my father.I have always loved expressing myself with my color selection and use. While working on a television show in New York City I took a course taught by Ronnie Landfield. I began by painting with broad strokes of brilliant color with a water on water technique.

Felix was born March 7, 1951 in Bakersfield, California, and is an American film and television director.He graduated from Southern Methodist University. He has directed many episodes of ER, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, CSI, Battlestar Galactica & Southland. In 2007, Felix was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards for directing theBattlestar Galactica episode (Exodus, Part 2)

Stevan E.Alcala Jr.

Art has always sustained my appreciation of living. I need art like I need water and air. I see beauty everywhere.

Stevan is from West Texas and is an Art Director/Set Designer in Film & Television.He completed a BFA in Fine Art and later a BJ in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin.He was Art Director/Set Designer for Prison Break, the successful TV series for 2 seasons and Set Designer/Graphic Designer for the Good Guys TV series.

Elissa Alcala

Dreamer, lover of fashion, movie buff, & nerd. Those are words that describe who I am as a person; Physically, I am a 23 year-old graduate from Parsons the New School for Design who made the move from New York to Los Angeles this past year. I love designing clothes and costumes and hope that one day I will be recognized for my work.

There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys you neverdreamed were possible.” Alexander McQueen

Deborah Alcala

My work is refined, detailed and all handmade. My inspiration comes from road trips with my family, a rich Catholic upbringing and my love of vintage medals depicting Saints, the Blessed Mother and old Crucifixes. My hope is that people who purchase and wear my work feel a connection to their spirituality. My goal is that my work brings a feeling of peace and comfort, when worn. I am obsessed with creating with my hands. If I am not creating jewelry, which I do full time, I am doing some kind of a craft. I never tire of creating!

Deborah was born and raised in Nyack, a suburb of NYC, and completed a BS in Pre-Med and a BS in fine Art at the University of Bridgeport, CT in 1981. Manhattan. She has been a metalsmith working with Silver, Copper and Brass for the past 27 years in a studio behind her home with a concentration on religious jewelry.

Magnus Per Skold

I have always been fascinated by cars. However, after going to several car exhibits I grew tired of seeing the same type of vehicles, and decided to step closer and see the details. What I noticed was the l evel ofWorkmanship, and detail that went into the individual pieces, and how what I was looking at was becoming less vehicle and more abstract in its nature. Instead of viewing a vehicle as a total assembly, it becomes a new story through the details.

Per Magnus Skold was born in Sweden, but grew up in England and has been living in Texas since 2004. Today, Magnus is an Industrial Designer, but has always had a passion for cars and photography. He currently resides in North Texas with his wife and young son.

Christina Childs

I have always felt I had some artistic ability and I took some art classes. I began to experiment in oils and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I began to paint I saw everything so differently, in dimension, shadows, and color.

Christina is formerly from West Texas and currently resides in Arlington, Texas with her husband of many years Scott Childs.