Texas Academy of Figurative Arts Exhibit

Texas Academy of Figurative Arts Exhibit

June 5 – June 29, 2009

Artwork by students of the Texas Academy of Figurative Arts.

Texas Academy of Figurative Art (TAFA) is an atelier that offers education and training that is anchored in the traditions of realist art.

For several decades universities throughout the U.S. have departed from a traditional approach to art education and have neglected realist drawing and painting, to the point that they no longer offer a legitimately grounded approach to either contemporary or classically-based figurative art, or realism in general. In contrast, TAFA is part of a new realist revival and the contemporary realist movement found in some smaller, private schools outside the traditional university system.

TAFA is the only academy of its kind in Texas offering a focused curriculum in realism - believing that visual art education should be built in the fundamentals and foundation of good drawing skills. The academy holds to the belief that knowledge of realistic figurative art is the foundation from which to springboard into figurative compositions, still-life, portraiture, landscape and even non-representational art.