Tangents & Adjustments:

Tangents & Adjustments:

May 6, 2011 – June 25, 2011

Drawings and Sculptural Objects by Nicholas Wood

With a background as a painter prior to my involvement in sculptural media, I find my work frequently manifests itself in hybrid forms with its relationship to painting/drawing and sculpture. I have always been intrigued by the dimensional, spatially interactive and material nature of sculptural form, yet also drawn to the frontal, illusionistic pictorial quality which painting's surfaces yield.

All these works reflect my interests in compositions which employ modulation, progression, memory, erasure, and reference. They use the wall as support to project their dimension, their ‘vertical frontality’, as well as, the consequent shadows to complete and present themselves.

When choosing the use of circular, oval, and elliptical shapes these rounded, yet crisp forms seem to have less external structure. Instead, the structure is more latent, emanating and shifting from internal central points.

My drawings and collages originally derived from my 3D studio visualizing and planning processes. Over the years these 2D works, though they still make direct reference to their original dimensional subject matter, have really become their own explorations as a series, often with their unique reference points to form and space. I prefer that the 2D and 3D works are exhibited together.

While the initial choices of imagery and composition are conceptually established, all the works are open enough to pose a variety of interpretations. This variety presents multiple layers and readings and for me, floats in a state that like abstraction itself, esteems ambiguity and discovery.

Nicholas Wood