TAC Featured Artist: Ariel Bowman

TAC Featured Artist: Ariel Bowman - Praelium/The Prehistoric Circus

Winner of Juror's Choice Award/TAC Juried Membership Exhibit 2013

January 10 - March 29, 2014

I make prehistoric animals in clay that embody my love of nature. Clay allows me to capture massive weight and size, flexed muscles under thick fur, and jaws lined with teeth under a snarling lip. My sculptures bring these extinct animals back to life. I am attracted to animals that evolved with distinct features, such as unfamiliar tusks, strange elongated limbs, and unusual proportions. An element of the circus in these sculptures represents the wonder found in discovering prehistoric animals, and their amazing feats of evolution. The brightly colored drapery that adorns the broad back of an ancient giant brings about the impossible idea of a prehistoric circus; a tragic circus lost in time along with the animals themselves. Colors and intricate patterns are fading; the paint peels and wood rots away under heavy feet and wrinkled hide. These sculptures express the joy I find in the animal form, and lavish decorations celebrate them as the greatest show on earth. – Ariel Bowman