TAC Featured Artist

TAC Featured Artist

Andrena Washington

The Beauty of Nature

October 3 - December 27, 2014

My work is inspired by textures, patterns, and colors found in nature. My focus is to magnify the beauty of nature by creating large repetitious designs, while incorporating traditional and non-traditional materials. Through weaving I portray the beauty in animals, plants and landscapes. Yet, Im mainly inspired by Turkey Tail fungi, damselflies, mammals, clouds, landscapes, and forces of good and evil.

The majority of my artwork is hand woven. Additional techniques such as screen printing, welding, casting, coiling, and dyeing are applied to my artwork after the textile is woven. Some of the materials are altered through hand manipulation.

I use materials such as wool, cotton, polyester, vinyl, plastic, sisal, synthetic furs, wood, ferrous and nonferrous metals, and many more materials to convey a variety of textures. My work is two-dimensional and three-dimensional, and my artwork can measure up six feet by five feet. My goal as a weaver is to explore various textures and materials, while creating repetitious designs. This helps me in the creative process of designing functional and decorative products. - Andrena Washington

Andrena Washington earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in fibers from the University of North Texas in Denton. Her work is inspired by textures, patterns, and colors found in nature. Andrena is currently a textile designer for Feizy Imports and Exports in Dallas, Texas.