Switch OFF – Switch ON, Forces Within

Switch OFF – Switch ON, Forces Within

February 6 – February 27, 2009

For the past few years, I have been consumed with introspective thoughts and feelings concerning my relationship with my father and the lack of any relationship with my own son. In point of fact, I have never met my son. Interestingly enough, my father never met his father. They say that the apple never falls far from the tree, and that the sins of the father are passed on to his son. My artwork is becoming an expression of the compulsion I feel to explore the relationship between being a hero and being a villain, in the most meaningful of ways, parenthood. There are many internal and external forces that may affect the course of a life. I have finally come to understand that for me the question has always been one of right and wrong. As a man struggling with his conscience and a desire to make better choices, I am in the process of evaluating my own less than chivalrous life. It is fair to say, that I am no longer the same man I was eight years ago.

Can the villain become a hero, or is it ever too late? Just as comic books, cartoons and high tech toys may have an impact on a child, so too do the actions of a parent, as they convey an ideal capable of either good, or great harm. -- Jason Reynaga

Jason S. Reynaga is a full time faculty member and is the Design Division Director for the Wade College’s day and evening courses in Design, Drawing, Perspective Drawing and Art Appreciation, and has served as an assistant instructor for Presentation Drawing. In 1992, he received a course completion certificate in Still Life and Figure Drawing from the Fachhochschule, European Academy for the Arts, Trier, Germany. In 1994 he enlisted for service in the United States Naval Submarine Corps and graduated top of his “A” class from the Naval Submarine School of Navigation, Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT, where he was assigned to the flag ship USS Annapolis. In 1997, he completed his tour of duty with an honorable discharge.

In 2004, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Midwestern State University with an emphasis in sculpture and printmaking. For five consecutive years, he was the recipient of the Fain Fine Art Department’s highest academic scholarships, awards and 4.0 honors. At MSU he served as Art Department Gallery Assistant for the Student and Visiting Artist’s Programs, and Assistant to the Chair of the Art Program, Richard Martin Ash, for a period of four years, where he was the recipient of Sculpture and Printmaking Apprenticeships under the instruction of nationally recognized and accomplished artists. In 2006, he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Texas Christian University with an emphasis in Archival and Non-Toxic Printmaking, Mixed Media Installation and Drawing. At TCU, he was again awarded with highest academic scholarships and 4.0 Awards. During his final year of degree curriculum, Mr. Reynaga completed an undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in an Introduction To Drawing: A Contemporary Approach. In addition, he took a position as Gallery Preparator and Technical Assistant at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, and as Gallery Assistant at the University of North Texas satellite gallery, UNT Artspace Fort Worth, for a sum total of seven years art handling experience. Mr. Reynaga’s graduate thesis exhibition entitled “Take Aim...FIRE!” focused on the effects of consumerism and commercialism by looking at heavily marketed and voraciously consumed products that romanticize competitive violence such as toys, comic books and games. His thesis suggested that these seductively violent vices might have a lasting influence on the potential for positive personal and social growth.

Mr. Reynaga has been a member of the National College Art Association since 2004. He has attended conferences, lectures and seminars in Dallas, Boston and in New York on topics pertaining to current issues in both Art and Art History such as:Artist’s Roles in a Time of War, Feminist Perspectives, Convergent Theories: Printmaking, Photography, and Digital Media, Art in the Age of Global Violence, andTeaching Art with a Socially Engaged Perspective. As an instructor at Wade College and by invitation from other institutions, he has given numerous demonstrations, lectures and workshops on topics related to Art Appreciation, Presentation, Printmaking and Drawing. At Wade College he has specialized in Academic Foundation Curriculum and will soon complete the requirements for College Accreditation.

While performing his duties as an instructor of art at Wade College, Mr. Reynaga actively participates in numerous fine art juried, curated, regional, competitive and non-competitive solo, two-person and group exhibitions on an average of six per year. He has had articles written about his artwork in the Dallas Observer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth Weekly and more recently, the national publicationARTLIES magazine. Eleanor Heartney, Contributing Editor for Art in Americamagazine, curated his latest exhibition, Art in the Metroplex. With exhibitions scheduled for 2009 at Artspace 111, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and the 500X Gallery in Dallas, he remains committed to his career as a practicing artist.

Mr. Reynaga’s professional goals include participation in exhibitions at the national and international levels, gallery representation and a tenure-track position teaching undergraduate and/or graduate printmaking at a research institution at home and/or abroad.