Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun

Third Space DFW Juried Show

Main Gallery

April 16-June 26, 2021

Exhibition Statement

Once a Day Swallow a Small Sun focuses on reflections of the queer experience through health and well-being. The definition of what queer health means is broad to include multiple perspectives and allow artists to freely interpret this concept. There needs to be creative attention to this aspect of the queer experience because health is often a taboo topic to discuss both within and outside of the LGBTQIA+ community. The title of this exhibition is taken from a verse in a Sam Sax poem:

On PrEP or on Prayer [“when i say pre-exposure prophylaxis”] By Sam Sax when i say oral emtricitabine you think once a day swallow a small sun & all hymn in you comes undone the way a lit match deads the smell of a public bathroom

Via Poetry Foundation

Organization Biography

The year was 2019, Third Space DFW was conceived in reaction to the lack of queer representation in the Fort Worth art scene.

“The Founding Fairies” which, included Tony Arnoldo, Kim, Chris, Pascual, Jamie, and Adriana set out to create something gay – like gay gay – like REALLY gay, and baby…that they did.

“Third Space” is a reference to Homi K. Bhaba’s theory on the interstices between colliding cultures, a liminal space ‘which gives rise to something different.