Moving Lights

Works by Austin Uzor

October 9-November 5, 2020

Vista Gallery

Artist Talk:

Exhibition statement:

Moving Lights is an offspring of my previous two solo exhibitions titled “Somewhere in between." This is a phrase that tilts towards exploring the idea of presence and absence, the realities of living and existing in two separate worlds simultaneously while trying to understand the meaning of home. With adverse effects all focusing on trauma and the immediacy to heal, there have been efforts to create a new world from the visual and psychological debris of the past and present which has relevance to particular spaces and sceneries from memories and events in time. The physicality of this experience has prompted me to create paintings on multiple panels in dimensions of one foot by four feet each that could travel across every inch of a given wall space closely knitted in a horizontal format that mimics the idea of a mobile mural. These immersive, cinematic and sometimes panoramic paintings on panels are supposed to provide a first hand experience of a transformative space, one so present and yet almost absent to its guests. This is supposed to be a site specific work and installation that can be dynamic too. Dynamic to fit into any space, corner or wall and still push the idea of a psychological space, distant memory or dream all coming together to birth a new space. These paintings come off as a gigantic visual diary or journal adorning the walls of the galleries they have been chiseled to fit into, and by continuing this journey in this given space it feels like a pilgrimage, a procession leading to many other spaces that will be identically occupied in the future in a very significant bid to fulfil the symbolic and performative reality of a migrant’s journey.

Artist Talk with Austin Uzor:


Artist Bio:

Born in the eastern part of Nigeria in the year 1991 Austin Uzor hails from Imo state. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 from the University of Nigeria Nsukka where he majored in drawing and painting. Shortly after graduation he kickstarted a studio practice which led to local and international recognition that set the groundwork for his first ever solo show in 2016 titled “Visitors” at the Rele gallery Lagos, Nigeria. Uzor, a skilled draftsman and experienced painter, explores the world of the unknown by means of psychological spaces, feelings, and alternate realities in search of existential truths. He moved to the US in 2016 and this move is now the subject of his most current body of work and narrative, focusing on the traumas of being displaced. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas. He is also a Teaching Fellow, teaching drawing and painting in the university. Uzor has exhibited locally and internationally and as well had his works privately collected around Europe, Africa and the United States while being published frequently.