Songs from the Shadows: Watercolor Paintings by People with Dementia

Songs from the Shadows: Watercolor Paintings by People with Dementia

January 9 - 30, 2015

The Alzheimer’s Association – North Central Texas Chapter presents an exhibition of 25 paintings by participants in Memories in the Making, the Alzheimer’s Association art program for people with dementia.

Most of the artists in Songs from the Shadows never painted before joining this art activity in their nursing home or assisted living community. They were probably too busy with professions, families, hobbies and countless other pursuits to give much thought to sitting down and trying to paint a picture. Today, putting a paint-loaded brush on the paper in front of them is one of the few avenues for creative self-expression remaining to them. Charming pictures and lyrical abstractions, accompanied by their own words and stories, give a new voice to those who are losing the ability to speak, think and do. The paintings offer a poetic look at the thoughts and feelings of people who are well-advanced in the disease process; they tell us, as nothing else can, about faded memories, random thoughts and sparks of joy as vital and unique as the people who created them. Like songs emanating from the shadows of long lives now obscured by the loss of speech and memory, each painting has its own tempo, timbre and lyrics, a heartfelt expression of the person within.

Curated by Lisa Buck, Memories in the Making Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association – North Central Texas Chapter.

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