January 4 – January 29, 2013

Exhibiting works of art and poetry by Texas Wesleyan University faculty members, Kit Hall, Professor of Art and Ms. DeeAnn Day, Instructor of English

Brief description–Upon learning about this exhibition Dr. Robert M. Miller, world renowned speaker and author on Horse Behavior and Natural Horsemanship and father of the revolutionary foal training technique known as "imprint training" offered the following comment: “Since my book, THE PASSION FOR HORSES AND ARTISTIC TALENT was published, with the subtitle ‘an unrecognized connection’, that connection is being increasingly recognized. Events such as SKETCHES: an exhibition of equine art and poetry serve to confirm the veracity of my long-held opinion that a genetic link exists between the deep love for horses and artistry in its many forms. The rhythm in music, the creativity in poetry, and the perceptivity required to draw or paint, the sensitivity, the patience and the persistence necessary in all art disciplines are also the essential qualities needed in ideal horsemanship.”--Dr. Robert M. Miller, DVM

There is no lack of documentation showing the influence poetry has on art and art on poetry. In his article about William Blake, Michael R. Burch, poet and online editor ofThe Hyper Texts, makes references to Michelangelo, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, and William Blake as examples of poets who created visual art directly from their own poetry or the poetry of their time periods. They each turned poetry into art that had an impact on society. Other artists influenced by poetry include Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning.

This exhibition, Sketches: an exhibition of equine art and poetry is aimed at exploring the relationship between visual art creation and that of poetry and its power to inspire. In that vein, Hall has created drawings based on Day’s “word images”; both artist and poet have focused on the creative process as much as the resulting artistry, working separately and side by side during stages of the development. This interdisciplinary collaboration will culminate in a public exhibition of both the art and the poetry.

Hall and Day are faculty members of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas. The art of Ms. Kit Hall ranges from commissioned portraits of specific horses to equine images that are universal in their content.

“When Kit Hall paints horses, we know them better too. Her work allows us to see them in a new way. The lines she draws, the colors she uses, and the position she places them in teaches us they are more than we expected - more than we knew. She causes us to see them as beings that are capable of love and loss, sadness and joy, and a rich complex existence - just like us. The awareness comes they deserve more than to be treated or ridden like some machine. Rather, she helps us see they are living, sentient beings far more intelligent and social than we knew before. We learn from Kit Hall that horses are not our slaves, but living beings with dignity - and we learn if handled properly - the horse may well become the best of all things...a willing partner.” --Dr. Michael Johnson, PhD and author of Healing Shine: a spiritual journey

Ms. DeeAnn Day is currently completing her doctoral dissertation focusing on the American poet H.D. (Hilda Doolittle). During her research, Day has explored H.D.’s adamant dedication to producing poems “from” and “with” strong visual images. This reciprocal relationship can be seen in the current exhibition. Day’s poems are personal and at times raw in the feelings they conjure in the reader. If you understand the creative arts as forms of the creators’ self-portrait, you will see a variety of self-portraits in the poems of Day—the sometimes vague feelings and unexplored situations in which we all find ourselves in the course of life are brought to sharp resolution. This exhibition can be seen as an aspect of research to which Hall and Day are both drawn--visual artistry, including the poem seen on the "page" as art.