Selections from the 2012 FWCAC Biennial.

Selections from the 2012 FWCAC Biennial.

April 6 – April 28, 2012

The 2012 FWCAC Best of the Biennial is an exhibit of work selected by an Exhibition Advisory Panel of local artists, professionals and gallery directors from the hundreds of works featured in this year’s FWCAC Biennial. The 2012 FWCAC Best of the Biennial is a celebration of the diversity and richness of the local art community and reflects a combination of unique and representative pieces selected by the Panel. Also featured in the Best of the Biennial show will be three works voted by viewers as People’s Choice Winners from artists Nicole Turner, Nicholas Kolbek and Ann Winchester. Most of the works in this exhibit are for sale making this the perfect opportunity to add some locally recognized work to your own collection.

2012 FWCAC Best of the Biennial Selected Artists: Scott Wright, Lisa Coopersmith-Matthews, McKie M. Trotter, IV, Don Wall, Colleen A. Zeiler, Devon Nowlin, Pamela Peterson Lancaster, Martha Bean, James Lassen, Larry Borne, Ellie Invanova, John Healy, Gary J. Uribe, David Mikitka, Tom Delaney, Lane Banks, Harry A. Stark, Elaine Taylor, Penelope Bisbee, Aimee A. Martin, Ann Hardy, Lisa Cunningham, Sands S. Weems, Andrew Matos, Robert Young, Martin Mitchell, Samantha Sprankle, Edgar Miller, Soon Y. Warren, Kimberly Yant, J. Richard White, Carol Ivey, Rachel Barminski Bounds, Marilyn Ivy, Adam Hazlett, Martha Peters, Mark Murphy, Ron Favor, Patricia Murphy, Robert Andrew Rodriquez, Rick and Kelly Luepke

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