Roy H. Adams

July 8 - July 30, 2016

Reception: Friday, July 8, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Roy H. Adams was born in Arkansas in 1962. He is of Cherokee descent. His Great, Great Grandmother was on the Trail of Tears.

Adams is an international artist. He has amassed at least a thousand negatives of native lands. He traveled to the pueblos of New Mexico, Four Corners in Arizona, and the Big Cypress Reservation in Florida.

Adams started out specializing in painting at the University of South Florida, moving into photography and printmaking later on. Part of his education included a student exchange in the New York City area. He also visited Europe, Egypt, along with The Middle East and Hawaii.

Currently living in Plant City, Florida, he enjoys photography, printmaking , and painting.

Adams work has made it to Mexico and Ireland. He has also been in group exhibits in Stuttgart, Germany, Fort Smith, Arkansas (R.A.M. museum), and Tampa, Fla (Florida Museum of Photographic Arts).

Continuing to take art classes at Polk Museum of Art (Lakeland, Fla.), Adams is always open to new ideas. For him, art is a 'way of life.'

As far as my favorite artist, I've always related to Robert Rauschenberg. He and I come from the same area. I lived in Beaumont, Texas until age of 12. Bob's town was less than 20 miles away. I credit a lot of my success to Tom Kettner. He is an abstract painter who was Rauschenberg's assistant for some time, and gives me a lot of good advice. -- Roy H. Adams