George Evan Olsen IV

January 6 – February 17, 2017

Reception: January 6, 2017

Renascence means rebirth. Rebirth is the theme of this exhibit. Each piece of artwork is meant to capture and convey the beauty of the human spirit. Many images in this exhibit are painted from photographs from a book by Alison Wright entitled Face to Face: Portraits of the Human Spirit. I enjoy painting people from different parts of the globe and also people of great renown, like Jimmy Hendrix. Portrait painting is in my blood. My grandmother Helen Olsen was a portrait painter. I believe divine inspiration is at the core of my work. I hope to one day travel the world, to paint interesting people and landscapes; to capture for other, in oil paints, the awe inspiring beauty of the human spirit. – George Even Olsen IV

George Evan Olsen IV is a portrait painter specializing in oil paints, charcoal, and pastels. His grandmother Helen Olsen was a portrait painter. Although she died before he was born, she wrote a book entitled Painting Portraits, which was his inspiration to become a portrait artist. Evan’s father and grandfather are both accomplished photographers and his mother is a retired school teacher. Evan found his passion and calling as a self-taught portrait painter and hopes to keep painting for decades to come.