Reflections in Clay

Reflections in Clay

September 11 – September 29, 2010

Presented by Stormie Parker and Debra E. Brown

Stormie Parker is bound to the earth through clay, capturing nature with the most elemental material there is. Strongly influenced by nature and its inspiring allure she is able to reproduce animals and portray the natural world, depicting it with character and a sense of humor. “As a teenager wandering through a craft fair I came upon a potter demonstrating on a wheel, immediately I was lured in, captivated by the artist’s mastery of the clay. Fascinated with how quickly a lump of clay became a vessel, I thought, this is Magic!” Viewing her work you will think it is magic too. Her connection with clay started 30 years ago participating in a raku firing, pulling pieces out of the kiln molten hot, watching them flame up in a pile of straw and quenching them in a bank of snow. That excitement never languished as she headed straight to Northern Arizona University to study ceramic art. Her path down the dusty road of earth and fire began with functional pottery working as a studio potter for many years. Today she is enjoying the adventure of exploring wildlife through sculpture and tile, depicting animals with character and personality.Stormie has enjoyed gallery representations in several states throughout America and spent many years in Europe where she participated in fine art shows and exhibits in Germany. She continues to develop as an artist by participating in workshops by other ceramic professionals.“It is important to me that my art is an integral part of people’s lives, whether it is sipping from a coffee cup or grinning at the rabbit that sits companionably at your hearth." - Stormie Parker

As music is to the musician, dance to the choreographer, or poetry to the writer, so is clay in the hands of the artist. It can be formed and fashioned to impose beauty, serenity, and tranquility in the world around us.

I attempt to take what the Creator has already created and translate what I have observed into my own small creative style. For if one listens, the sounds of creation can be heard as the sun peers over the horizon to bring its warmth and light to another day. If one sees, the beauty of the leaves can be seen dancing in the wind before gently falling to the ground, or the flower, as it reaches for the sun, slowly opens to reveal its glory within. This is what I long to communicate through my art.

Art reflects what is in the mind and heart of the artist. Whether in dance, music, film, clay, or painted on canvas, it can be used to enlighten or darken the soul. The choice lies within us. - Debra E. Brown