Works by Jungseok Oh

Central Gallery

On view July 23 - September 4, 2021

Artist Statement

I usually create sculptures inspired by my daily life and my RECORD series also started with my personal experience which was extremely tough. These works of art are a kind of recording of the species which are facing the risk of extinction. The sculptures capture and highlight the pains experienced by these disappearing lives. I weld steel wires, which are very strong and indestructible, and this reflects my obsession and fear of the loss of life. All living things share a connection. The creatures are part of Nature. It's time to be aware that selfish and reckless destructions of other's lives by us will eventually lead to our own demise because we humans are part of the Nature as well.

Artist Bio

Born with outstanding artistic talent in South Korea and lives in Texas, Jung-seok, was interested in exploring himself and wrote a master's thesis titled A Study of Autobiography in Post-Modern Era through a series of his wood works, Persona. One of his works caught the eye of the former president, Roh Moo-hyun, and is owned in his house which is open to public.

While living in gratitude for his life as an artist, he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. His health was in a dangerous situation as he received surgery and chemotherapy. Yet he recovered miraculously, winning the battle against cancer. In struggling against cancer, Jung-seok saw the value of the life of not just himself, but of all life forms on earth. Capturing the images of various endangered species that are being threatened by human interventions or are disappearing because of yet unknown reasons, Jung-seok produces unforgettable works of art. He is an artist who records every moment of our lives as a work that should not be forgotten. He also constantly explores new art forms including a groundbreaking attempt to draw using a drone.