Recent Works

Recent Works

April 3, 2009 – June 28, 2009

My work is best described as contemporary representational figurative art. My main concerns are withpresenting a convincing representation of form in context as well as establishing meaningful content.

Although I sometimes use photographic references, I mostly work from direct observation. The subjectmatter of my work is primarily figurative and still life, with some portraiture. I try to create naturalisticimages of people and things in some invented context that could range from a symbolic allegorical settingto a simple still-life arrangement. The content of my work often seems to betray my interest in psychology,religious symbolism and the use of metaphor.

Even though I have a classically based education in figurative art, I do not consider myself a defender or'crusader' for past constructs or iconic symbols associated with a classical aesthetic. However, I often findthat classically based allegory and western religious symbolism is still relevant in our cultural vocabulary. Every generation experiences recurring themes and retells the same stories through its art in spite of ourtechnological advancements because the human condition has not really changed. Thus, the overridingissue I feel most concerned with is offering a fresh perspective of our time through my own voice.

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- Ron A. Cheek, February 2009