April 18 – April 29, 2011

Ceramic art of David Morris.

This series of work includes colorful pitchers influenced by the dissuading postures of animals. Each pitcher has a distinct stance. Changing the orientation of the spout, handles, and feet with its trunk alters the temperament of each piece. The tripodal pitchers of the Longshan Culture of Neolithic China, and the Sialk pitchers and bull vessels of Ancient Iran inspire me. In some instances a specific anatomical part is borrowed, like a spout or foot from a historical piece. In other cases the disposition and proportion of an ancient piece is captured using different forms for the pitcher’s anatomy. In these ways I mix and re-record the elements of a pitcher. Through the rediscovery of balance and the borrowing of elements my work becomes a current amalgam of these ancient sources. I am also interested in how surface can relate to the posture of these objects. Extreme and subtle gradations in hue and value are achieved, making soft colors that are in sync with the movement of each form. Surface becomes another layer to blend and support my remix. --David Morris

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