Punching Demons

Punching Demons

Jason Reynaga

February 12 - 27, 2016

Reception: February 12, 2016; 6 - 9pm

There exists an alternate reality manufactured by mankind, a virtual world where enemies and allies may be forged in a global arena without borders and without boundaries. Military training simulators inspired by the realism of video games, have now been almost completely replaced by the "new and improved" virtual experience of home entertainment systems, where unlimited carnage has no limits, and the concepts of moral judgment and consequence have no meaning. What will be the impact on a generation consumed with and seduced by a culture of electronic violence?

In this exhibition, I seek to turn the sexiness and the seduction of digital mayhem against the user. Instead of obliterating an enemy with an arsenal of deadly weapons, the viewer will be invited to thwart their own inner demons in an interactive installation full of metaphor and symbolism. Instead of plasma rpg’s, hand cannons, rocket launchers and snipers, participants will be invited to take down metaphysical representations of their own inner demons with Nerf darts, boxing gloves dipped in fluorescent paint and water pistols filled with glitter!

As the battle between right and wrong, good and evil plays out in the fabric of our technologically driven lives, ordinary people are invited to jack in, gear up and wage war against the darkness within them. Both young and old will adorn their super human powers and like medieval warriors in an electronic age, gallery goers will retaliate with a joyous vengeance against the doom and hopelessness within.

Punching Demons is being created as a site-specific, interactive exhibit for Celebration of the Arts! a fundraiser for the Fort Worth Community Arts Center on February 27, 7 - 11pm.Tickets.