Portraits and Allegories by Sam Ivie

Portraits and Allegories by Sam Ivie

April 5 – April 26, 2019

RECEPTION: Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

Artist Statement

This body of work reflects my continued interest in the figure and what could be called allegories, which consist of symbols and invented imagery.

Portraits are a significant part of my current work. My study of people has led me to incorporate background devices, such as walls, windows and symbols – all meant to describe the individual. I have chosen to convey my impressions of people through their pose or stance, rendering of paint or drawing materials and invented imagery in an effort to elaborate on who they are. While these attempts at narrative may give more information to the viewer, some mystery still remains as I can only reveal so much through my own perspective and it is not my goal to tell the entire story.

In addition to the portrait work, I often draw and paint strictly from my imagination as another part of my figurative art. These images are best understood as a way for me to reflect on memories, current events or other moments through a series of symbols or metaphors. The resulting images often move into surreal or dream territory and are not intended to have the realism present in other images. They deal with abstract concepts or incidents yet to be resolved and creating them gives me better insight into real life circumstances.

This grouping of portraits and allegorical imagery shows two different aspects of my work which complement one another. The main variant is that one is an invented universe based on my situational reality, while the other is of real individuals with their personal narratives. One is portraiture and the other, in a sense, is self-portraiture.

Artist Biography

Sam Ivie is from Midland, Texas and moved to north Texas to pursue art studies at the University of North Texas, graduating with a BFA in painting and drawing. He attended Midland College for four semesters after graduating from Midland High School. In college, he studied drawing, watercolor, printmaking, art history and oil painting. For most of his life, he has frequently drawn inspiration from figurative imagery that has more in common with Renaissance and Surrealist painting and pop culture than it does the West Texas desert, where he grew up. With a lifelong interest in art making, his work has appeared in group and juried shows in and around Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth and Birmingham, Michigan, as well as in 8 solo exhibitions in Texas. He has participated in over 25 exhibitions to date. He currently lives and works in Denton.