Please Don’t Get The Wrong Impression

Marianne Lettieri

July 24 – August 29, 2020

Vista Gallery

Exhibit Statement:

Going against the adage, “There is just one chance to make a first impression,” the artwork in “Please Don’t Get the Wrong Impression” challenges viewers to look twice for underlying meanings and interesting ambiguities. The artist insists that what seems obvious on the surface is not the whole picture. Through re-contextualization, juxtaposition, and unexpected forms of presentation, Lettieri transforms utilitarian objects into visual metaphors that engage the imagination. For example, 27,000 inches of red twill correspond to the number of breaths we take in one day. Using fiber from a deconstructed rug, obsolete hand tools are painstakingly wrapped like bandages. Beat up pincushions, common and forgettable, are framed in a Gothic cathedral schema that signals a sacred place. As fake news, constructed social media personae, identity politics, and familiar words with new meanings shift the contemporary landscape, observers’ perceptions are as important as the objects before them.

Artist Biography:

Marianne Lettieri creates art constructions and installations that investigate shifts in cultural and individual values associated with found objects and discarded materials. She presents these artifacts in new configurations that reinforce people’s connectedness and communities through time and infuse historical stereotypes with contemporary meanings. Her recent solo exhibitions include the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, Doug Adams Gallery at the Badè Archaeology Museum, Monterey Peninsula College, Peninsula Museum of Art and Azusa Pacific University. In 2017, SVCreates recognized her with an Artist Laureate Award for achievement in the arts and contribution to the cultural life of Silicon Valley. She has an M.F.A. in Spatial Arts from San Jose State University and B.F.A. in Drawing and Printmaking from the University of Florida. Her work has been featured in numerous books and art journals, including Placemaking and the Arts by Jennifer Allen Craft, Art-Making Collections & Obsessions by Lynne Perrella, Image Journal, SEEN Journal, Sand Hill Review, and Ruminate Magazine.

Marianne Lettieri, 27,000 Breaths, 84" x 45" x 16," Installation, 2014

Marianne Lettieri, Mantle of Iniquities, 60" x 53," Sculpture, 2009

Marianne Lettieri, Rose Window, 52" x 52" x 5," Sculpture