November 6, 2009 – December 26, 2009

Installation by Joyce Martin. A Focus Gallery Exhibit.

plasticity |plaˈstisitç| noun:

the quality of being easily shaped or molded.• Biology the adaptability of an organism to changes in its environment or differences between its various habitats.

Statement: I craft plastic flowers and artificial environments. I find this odd and wonder: Is it art, is it craft, is it innovative? I have yet to decide though I think it is less important for me to ponder these questions than it is for me to create. As a sculptor the plastic qualities of the materials I use are important to me. The inherent qualities of the materials guide the process. The fact that plastic can be obtained at little or no expense makes it ideal for continued exploration.

While part of my purpose in creating this work is to reuse discarded products, another part is a personal need for exploration and the ongoing question of “What would happen if I do this or that?” I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to use old materials, and to keep materials out of the landfills. I collect materials that I am drawn to for one reason or another and, over time, the purpose or intent emerges and I begin to create. – Joyce Martin