People, Places and Things

People, Places and Things

Frank "Chip" Mayes

February 5 - 27, 2016

Reception: February 12, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Let me start off with something of an art statement: "art" or "fine art" is so subjective as to be dependent on or referenced to "successful" artist or "old masters." It is also dictated by the lofty towers of academics and interior decorators. Much art is what sells....perhaps there is the key. People like it, they buy it, and it is therefore defined as "fine art." I personally make distinctions between amateur...or hobby art and professional art work. Although, I've seen enough bad "professional" art to last a lifetime. It all boils down to you ... the viewer to decide what is art... and that is all that matters. Most viewers aren't looking to invest in art for their retirement. So a person that collects art is one that enjoys life and likes to have nice things around them...has a greater world view than the average citizen.... mmmm... now I sound like an elitist. My art work is a form of communication. It always has been... always will be. Let us consider: The earliest presentations of art work would be cave drawings. They were beautiful designs... I wonder if the then "artist" considered himself an artist..or a leader who was just recording information to transmit to his fellows. "Here.... these buffalo !! ....look like this!! ....good eat..... they here." Or was it "ugga agua muuggaah buuuggaaga." which means "darling I want painting ...over fire pit....would look so nice." Much later the church used paintings to teach doctrine... the average peasant couldn't read...they had to get the message across some way. And so it has been for ages... the painting can be thought of as an illustration, it is a story that is contained in the picture...and it tells that story to who ever looks at the picture. It is also an emotional connection to either the artist or the subject. My paintings tell a story. The story is one that is between you and the painting... it may not be the same story for everyone. Some may get a hint from the name of the painting... some may know me and I've told them the story. Sometimes I'm just goofing on people when they look at the piece... Just to let them know, that it really isn't all that serious.

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