Patience and Grace

Patience and Grace

Crystal Davis

January 10 - 30, 2014

In today’s world, family history seems to be a lost interest and fading knowledge. Many of today’s youth do not know anything beyond the last generation. Realizing that I had sacrum to this trend myself when one of my children asked me about our family’s history. It took me by surprise that I didn’t know my great grandparent’s names despite my close relationship with my family.

Patience and Grace is a series that has taken me on a passionate journey to learn through my grandfather’s memories and my great grandmother, Grace’s journal. Utilizing my own daughter, Patience, I was able to relive many of Grace’s memories and pieces of her life, which has helped me understand and grow closer to the woman who had raised my grandfather.

Furthermore, through a thorough research of my family’s history, I had found many enlightening and revealing family issues; self-esteem and legal situations that repeat today. I feel like this project will help stop and prevent this cycle within my family and help all of us to grow.

Lastly, my hope is to encourage modern day families to research their family’s history to distill the importance of genealogy and pass this knowledge on to our future generations.

Artist’s Bio:

Crystal Davis is an artist who works primarily in photography. Additionally, she has an interest and has worked in other traditional art mediums such as painting, drawing and graphic design. She has exhibited locally in the NOISE! Art Exhibition at the Frisco Art Gallery where she placed 3rd for Best in Show. She has also exhibited at the White Space Gallery of Dallas, Texas. This is her first solo exhibit. Crystal is also an honor student working toward a Master’s degree in Photography through the Academy of Art University. Her work has been published in many commercial publications. She is a member of the Student Photographers Society, National Technical Honor’s Society, Kappa Pi and the TAC (Texas Artists Coalition).