Parampara (Tradition)

Parampara (Tradition)

Mario Kiran

January 10 – February 22, 2014

Most of us dream and fascinate about big towns, prosperous cities and luxurious lifestyles. The rich diversity of our cultures has been portrayed in my work. I use illustrations and paintings to create a cross-cultural relationship between East Indian and Western influences. Combining the two styles has given me the opportunity to talk about issues that deal with cultures and the important role they play in our everyday life. Our planet is rich with diverse cultures and tapping into these habitats is an adventurous escape, for one knows not what comedy and tragedy will be found.

Being an East Indian myself and having knowledge of Indian miniatures I enjoy working with rich color and detailed imagery. Though the Indian miniatures were made for royal appraisal and to record past and happening events they had detailed decorative patterns. Looking at a miniature painting one would be able to relate to the emotional setting of the composition. My work has similar qualities instead of packing a drawing or painting within a small surface I elaborate my compositions on a larger scale. Though I retain the miniature style in certain areas I do use surreal concepts for the placement of imagery.

My work is camouflaged with images of people I meet and places I have traveled.

When we embark on a journey to a foreign land we meet new people, pass small towns and experience new cultures. Very rare do we notice and remember the architecture, clothing / costumes and the spoken language of the small towns that we pass through. As for a plain man like myself, I relate my discoveries in a visual tale that my audiences are free to interpret with their own experiences.