“Paint Can Fly – VII” by Darlia Hobbs

“Paint Can Fly – VII” by Darlia Hobbs

June 2 - June 29, 2017

Reception: June 2, 2017; 6 - 9pm

Darlia Hobbs has traveled to more than 14 countries and 10 oceans/ seas finding eclectic influences for her mixed-media, experimental, and abstract art. Since I began painting, the world of art has been like a rushing river as I stand on the shore and watch it flow by. It’s difficult to take my eyes off of the beautiful, ever-changing flow of ideas, art, and inspirations I see at different depths in the water. The temptation to touch and plunge into the water is irresistible. Once in the water, the feeling is so soothing and satisfying - yet does not quench my thirst for more.

Instinct and experimentation guide me through the process of each piece of art. Often, I dream of new ideas and variations of techniques I’ve seen or tried. What’s truly amazing and rewarding is the friendships of other artists and their willingness to share ideas and techniques. This allows each of us to choose many bright stars from across the art universe to create and evolve our own evergrowing and changing galaxy.

I like to remember some wisdom from artist Ellen J. Langer: “…rules often blind us.” And, “Once we learn how to do something, too often we stop experimenting, learning, and having fun.” NOT ME!