Paint Can Fly II

Paint Can Fly II

By Darlia Hobbs, Yuri Trushin, Suzanne McNeil-Sparks

An exciting variety of unique paintings, from realistic to the other end of the fine art spectrum.

Darlia Hobbs has lived in the DFW area since 1962. In 2005, she began her exciting journey into the world of mixed-media in The Woman's Club of Fort Worth, with instructor- Judy Sager. Always eager to learn new techniques, Darlia is constantly learning new and intriguing methods of abstract painting outside the box, which makes her artwork fresh and unique. As she likes to put it: the more you look, the more you see. This creative energy has earned her over 30 awards.

To me, an artist is not the one who has only spent several years in art classes. You can teach how to draw almost everyone. The real artist should be able to see and feel art in everything and derive inspiration from anything. I like to observe. My paintings usually start with the subject image and then go to the color idea if needed. I use different mediums and techniques that better suits the theme – from large scale landscape paintings to magazine cover illustrations. Variety of mediums includes oil, watercolor, India ink, acrylic, pastel and even super-modern digital paintbrush. That is why all my works are so different as if they were created by different artists. Versatility - that is what I like. ̶̶̶ Yuri Trushin More info

A million paintings in her head, but not enough hours in the day, Suzanne McNeill-Sparks loves to draw and paint while traveling. Her enthusiasm, curiosity and desire is to study, draw and paint new subjects. A handy pack makes it easy to create while walking around, or sitting at a cafe... and her favorites are turned to larger paintings at home. ‘I really enjoy painting anywhere on the spur of the moment.’ Suzanne's plein-air ink and watercolor paintings are popular with art and travel lovers. For Suzanne... Art is a journey. Taking time to try new concepts keeps me on my creative toes, opening up a world of inspiration where anything is possible. Suzanne's award-winning art is known for happy colors, imaginative details, and creative inspiration. Her popular art books have been translated into over six languages around the world.

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