Our Faces, Our Voices

Group Exhibition, co-curated by Raymond Wyatt and Shauna Benoit

Marlene & Spencer Hays Foundation Gallery

September 4 – November 7, 2020 

Exhibition Statement:

The new exhibition, titled “Our Faces, Our Voices,” opening at the Fort Worth Community Art Center, will feature self-portraits from 15 different minority artists of various styles and mediums local to the DFW Metroplex. This art exhibit is co-curated by Raymond Wyatt and Shauna Benoit.

This exhibition is proud to feature artworks by Jeremy Biggers, Ari Brielle, Dr. Valerie Bennett Gillespie, Riley Holloway, Amanda Jackson, Jerry Lynn, Stacie Monday, JD Moore, Abi Salami, Armando Sebastian, Madelyn Sneed Grays, Susan Sponsler-Carstarphen, Desiree Vaniecia, James Zamora, and Stephen Zhang. These artists’ mediums range from traditional oil paint to photography/video, giving them an unbound expression of their voice.

Minority men and women have historically been underrepresented in western art. According to a recent study of 18 museums across the U.S., it is estimated that 85% of the art in the museum’s collections are by white artists. The past few years have seen a divergence from this as more artists of color gain national notoriety for their talent and accomplishments. This exhibition seeks to highlight the extraordinary talents of some of the area’s local artists.

Previously, “master” artists used self-portraits to demonstrate their ability and announce their place within society, their chosen vocation, and artistic style. This collection of self-portraits come from artists who themselves grew up lacking representation of people that looked like them and role models within the art world. In their way, each artist has been giving a voice to aspects of history previously untold and changing the way we see the world and their place in it.

Artist Panel Discussion 1: Host and co-curator Ray Wyatt and four of the artists featured in the exhibit- Jeremy Biggers, Stacie Monday, Abi Salami, and Desiree Vaniecia

Artist Panel Discussion 2: Host and co-curator Ray Wyatt and four of the artists featured in the exhibit- Amanda Jackson, Jerry Lynn, JD Moore, and Susan Sponsler-Carstarphen

Riley Holloway, Truth Is, 2020 Oil on Canvas, 60" x 46" On Loan from Erin Cluley Gallery

Abi Salami, We All Know There's Always Something Tearing You Apart, 48 x 48 inches, Acrylic paint on canvas, 2020

Susan Sponsler, Invisible, 48 in x 72 in., Photography on removable vinyl

Stephen Zhang, What to Paint?, 28" x 42," Watercolor

Desiree Vaniecia, Londa's Girl 36" x 48," In Flashe on wood

Jeremy Biggers, Self portrait 2020, oil, 18”x24”

Ari Brielle, Altar (self) 40" x 36," Gouache and acrylic on panel

Armando Sebastian, Mestizo/I know who I am, Oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

JD Moore, Cayendo, 24" x 36," Oil on fabric

Amanda Jackson, Swimming in the white place, Motion

Dr. Valerie Gillespie, “Masked," 30" x 40," Mixed Media on Canvas

James Zamora, Self-Portrait with Still Life, Oil on canvas, 16" x 12"

Stacie Monday The Mark of Monday, 30” x 40,” Acrylic and paper on canvas

Madelyn Sneed-Grays, “Two Strikes,” 24” x 30, oil on canvas

Jerry Lynn, “His-Story,” Acrylic on canvas, 48”x36”