Medium Is The Message

Works by Ryan Oswald

March 5 – April 10, 2021

Frost Gallery

Artist Statement:

This exciting and totally unique contemporary exhibition will include my body of work I call Medium Is The Message and includes large scale oil paintings, smaller oil paintings, sculpture, video, and works on paper. This is a body of work that developed and originated from an interest in media theory concepts discussed by theorist Marshall McLuhan. These concepts were a jumping off point to explore and experiment within a whole range of mediums and materials; creating a visual style, language and ultimately… experience. Drawing inspiration from early advertising and television technology itself (signal, color, sound, broadcasting, ect.) as well as the RCA company and its story of bringing television into the home; using these influences to develop a unique visual language within my art practice.

SPECTRUM HORIZON, 2020 Oil Painting on canvas *with metallic silver detail Size: 84 x 60w x 2.25 inches
SPECTRUM MAGIC, 2020 Oil Painting on canvas *with metallic silver detail Size: 48 x 72h x 2.25 inches
FREQUENCY - BLUE SILVER SCANLINES, 2020 Medium: Oil, Metallics, Wax 24 x 24in