Mananaland: Museum Show: Volume 1

“Museum Show: Volume 1”

Mananaland Art Collective

Vista Gallery

December 18, 2020-January 16, 2021

Participating Artists:

Mike Cocanower

Will Deshazo

Leigh Ann Williams Hickey

Brian Hutson

Cosmo Jones

Clayton Norris

Dylan Rice

Bennie Ritsch

Britt RobisHeaux

Juan Velazquez

"Museum Show: Volume 1" is a toast to local artistic excellence, and an elevation of the

Funky Town talent that thrives on the fringes of the art world. Mananaland knows that

people are our greatest cultural asset, and that Fort Worth has genuine diamonds,

rubies and sapphires that just need a pedestal. Our Museum Show series is a collaborative

effort between local curators and artists to reflect the contemporary artistic energy and

creativity that abounds in Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is to foreground local talent in

sexy, professional shows that make a substantial contribution to the forward movement

of contemporary art. DIY arts organizations are the future of arts presentation, breeding

uninhibited, intersectional art practice, and offering deep human connection to all who

will participate. Art is the people’s medium, and we are building a community where it

can thrive, without the alienation of institutions or borders.

The objects you’ll find in this room have been placed in a careful (algo)rhythm to

produce frequencies designed to unlock profound personal epiphanies about art,

culture, community, creativity and love. We are always looking for feedback about our

shows, especially radical perspectives about the place of art in community, and how we

can better serve art-lovers and the community at large. We welcome you to leave a note

in the booklet at the end of the exhibition. If you’re an artist, drop your Instagram

handle! Please be respectful of CDC guidelines and maintain six-feet’s distance from all

roaming bodies (with the exception of other dolphins in your pod) as you move through

the show, keep your mask on your face (fully over your nose), and, finally, thoroughly

geek out on our show. Welcome to "Museum Show: Volume 1."

Mananaland is an artist run collaborative art space in Fort Worth’s Southside.