Luminous; An Exploration of Texture, Light and Iridescence

Luminous; An Exploration of Texture, Light and Iridescence

Mark Reese

February 5-27, 2016

Reception: February 12, 2016 6-9pm

Fort Worth artist Mark Reese experiments with different textures and colors in this exhibit. The erratic movements in each piece will draw you in with their meticulous detail and tones.

Mark had trouble expressing himself while growing up in Fort Worth, Texas. With an interest in art, he learned how to paint in high school. It soon became his sanctuary and he continues to paint often. Mark’s gothic style, honed from his tilted view of the world, captures great joy and heartfelt sorrow. Many of his paintings are dark from his past, but a brighter, more colorful side has been emerging these past few years. He has a fascination in creating textures and using water to create an organic flow. Mark lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He has two dogs, and is married to his partner Kenneth Dunn.

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