Live Vividly

Live Vividly

Jane Hansen

October 4, 2013 - December 27, 2013

Who knew? “Walking around Detroit during my lunch hour always ended up in an art gallery...or at least with me looking side eyed at pieces though the wonderful enormous widows. I was enthralled, and it was the intro.” Jane grew up in Detroit and graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Journalism, Radio and TV. Her career focused on Marketing and Management and even briefly as an instructor at Jr. College level. She knew that communication was an art, her work in Radio, TV, and Press had been something she long excelled . Art proved itself to be another form of communication that art “just lasts longer.”

In the beginning, Jane acquired art from painters and sculptures all over the country. Today her collection includes Southwestern Art., Oriental and Impressionistic pieces. “I never knew this collection would have such an impact on my life.”

In 1998, Jane was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a condition that affects the central nervous system and can make daily life painful and frustration. “I wanted to do something constructive, positive, something that would make the fibro not be so overwhelming.” She decided she needed to do more than collect art, she needed to create ART.

After her moved to Fort Worth in 2006, Jane met European Master Grigori Aleski of Studio Fine Art Gallery. He helped her focus and capture her talent. She continues to keep her style fresh by continuing to learn new mediums and techniques. Favorite subjects are people and landscapes. Jane’s art has been shown throughout Fort Worth and Dallas, including Fort Worth Community Art Center, The Fort Worth Central Library, Irving Art Association, Midtown Art Gallery of Dallas, and other facilities and many Spring and Fall Gallery nights.

Her Boston Terrier Hattie Oil won Third prize in the International Unconditional Love of Pet Juried Show. Her art work now hangs in Paris, France, Chicago, Maryland, New Jersey and Minnesota and Michigan and of course ,Texas.

You can find Jane’s web page : She is also has a page in Facebook, Jane (Fornero) Hansen art. Her phone number is 817-905-5096