Lines That Bind

Lines That Bind

November 9, 2007 – December 22, 2007

“Lines that Bind” is an exhibition featuring the work of Carol Benson and Etty Horowitz. The title refers to the two artists’ preoccupation with line, whether used to establish forms in paint or volumes through sheets of metal. The show brings together a surprising juxtaposition of lyrical paintings with tough-minded sculptures—revealing an uncanny affinity. The work of both artists has been exhibited in the Fort Worth- Dallas metroplex, but never before has it been brought together in a shared installation.

Collectively, the work conveys a strong sense of duality—of strength and vulnerability, and of presence and absence. Horowitz, in her corset series, brings up connotations of body armor whereas Benson’s small-scale ladders look too fragile to bear any weight. Horowitz often uses the wiry forms of her sculpture to cast whimsical shadows on the wall. Benson, even when painting representational objects, such as bowls, leaves us with something to contemplate beyond the thing itself.

These two women artists are both graduates of the TCU MFA program and have received much recognition for their work. Horowitz was awarded for her work in the International Sculpture Symposium (2004) and has recently completed public commissions for the City of Dallas (Fire Station #38 and the Beckley-Sander Recreation Center). Benson received a fellowship to the Sante Fe Art Institute (2004) and has been granted the merit award from Historic Fort Worth on numerous occasions. -- Dr. Anne Helmreich

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